(Luminary Initiates Gathered Here Together)

Love By Light Unite Invocation By LAMP

Unite Invocation

From the Point of Light within the Mind of Source
Let Light Stream forth into the Minds of All;
Let Enlightenment Envelop Earth, and be Seen by Everyone!

From the Point of Love within the Heart of Source
Let Love Stream forth into the Hearts of All;
Let Unconditional, Infinite Love, Envelop Earth and be felt by Everyone!

From the Center where the Will of Source is known
Let the Universe’s plan Stream Forth and Be Known by All;
Let the Plan of of Love & Light Envelop Earth, and Guide Everyone!

Let there be Peace and Happiness for Everyone, and may Love seal the door where all that’s contrary dwells.

We Intend these or things Greater, for the Highest Good of All. And it Is So.

Love By LIGHT Unite Invocation by Lynda Lamp, Love By LIGHT progressing the world paradigm with love.


Love By Light Unite Invocation By LAMP
Unite Invocation
The Unite Invocation is Lynda Lamp’s channeled re-write of the famous “Great Invocation” World Prayer.