(Luminary Initiates Gathered Here Together)

Love By Light Declaration of Interdependence

How Do We Progress The World?

The World is facing times unlike anything that has come before. A handful of extremely rich people control our governments, our media, and virtually every aspect of our lives.

We can look around and see hundreds if not thousands of similarly minded groups crying out for change, advocating for a better world, begging for an embracing of the realities before us.

The reality is that we are all connected, we are all truly one. What we do to another, we at a certain level of reality, do to our selves. How can we continue our approach to solve the wold problems with war and greed now that we know? Love by LIGHT progressing the world paradigm with love helps!

The Love By LIGHT declaration of interdependence proposes to gather ALL like minded people under one large umbrella, to make our voices heard in a way never heard before!

Declaration of Interdependence

The Founding Fathers of the United States’ “Declaration of Independence” was one of the best crafted documents ever written.

Times have changed significantly, and we call for a rewrite! Here is our version of a rewrite. We’ve Titled it Declaration of Interdependence.

“We hold these truths to be indisputable, that humans and all life are created from intelligent substance and exist with purpose, that we are light beings infused with infinite love, and that by aligning our selves with Source we secure the supply of our every need and the gratification of our every desire.”

Join us in this most important conversation! Join us as Love By LIGHT an innovative gathering of collective voices. You don’t have to give up any beliefs you have ~ if you can agree to the 8 ideals of WE LOVE US, then you are a member, by default! 🙂 <3 This is not about changing your beliefs or asking you to give up any part of your belief system.  As is the case with all science, including the science of religion, we have new information, more original texts from which to translate, a new enlightened translations that set many misunderstandings straight.  Although religious terms may seem absent from this site, the core principles are in clear operation. In the beginning we were all one.  We are seeking a return to our natural original state.