(Luminary Initiates Gathered Here Together)

Love By Light Progressing The World Paradigm With Love

Who We Are

We are people who believe in the power of love. We are people who understand that Love is all there really is; all else is a result of separation consciousness and illusion. We are people who believe the time has come to remember Love and to bring it forth in our daily lives, first by loving ourselves, then by sharing our love with others. We believe in oneness and encourage a oneness awakening on the planet, for the sake of all humanity.  Love by LIGHT progressing the world paradigm with love. Love by LIGHT is a collective of love by Luminary Initiates Gathered Here Together.

Our Philosophy

As Quantum Physics has shown us, what we see when we look around us, is all a grand illusion. Things that appear “real” and solid are in fact more space than anything, and in motion! All that is truly real, is that we are energy ~ everything is energy, and everything is connected; a part of a larger whole. We, each of us, is connected to all others. All else is merely the “appearance” of  a “reality.”  What matters is our energy. When we vibrate at Heart energy (frequency) (528Hz) or above our lives transform into magical existences.  The world changes when we change ourselves.

Upcoming Events~

In Person Circles

Sunday Love By LIGHT Heart Circle
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. starting again on September 4, 2016

Thursday Love By LIGHT Heart Circle
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. starting again (NOTE: day change) on September 8, 2016

Heart Circles are held at the Gathering House of Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC at 13725 Beach Drive, Lowell Point, AK. Call or text 907-491-2378 for more information.

Virtual Circles ~ TBA

Please submit your request for date and time!