(Luminary Initiates Gathered Here Together)

Love By Light Progressing The World Paradigm With Love

Heart Circles

Join us for a community, silent meditation followed by heart based sharing. Contact us if you would like help starting your own Love By LIGHT heart circle.

Support & Discussion

Experience Heaven on Earth.  Take a workshop from Lynda Lamp or get some Life Coaching.


Lynda Lamp is the Heart Circle hostess and also provides enlightened support.  She is  available for personal one-on-one support and to speak at your next meeting or event.

Community Outreach

In the coming months we’ll be exploring outreach opportunities locally and around the globe! Join us here.

Let Lynda Lamp’s vision inspire you!

Love By LIGHT came to Lynda Lamp in answer to her prayers to Source  about what is needed now in the world.  This collective, combined with the use of Heart Circles and application of the 8 ideals  of  WE LOVE US, will help the emerging energies on the Planet progress humanity into new Human Beings. We can  operate from a place of Oneness and Love, at all times.  We can experience Heaven on Earth, as we are meant to ~ not the hell on earth we have created out of our fears and separation. When we change ourselves, we change our world! The Universe wants nothing to but to give us every good thing.